shaving-gelOur skin bears our look. So, we all have to be careful while shaving our skin. For being a gentleman, you have to consider shaving not only a necessity but also an art. But you have to take necessary precautions while shaving because it affects our skin. Day-by-day people invent a lot of things to shave comfortably and quickly. Now we have razors, shaving lubricants, aftershave, etc. Among the shaving lubricants, shaving gels are preferable to me because of its effectiveness to the skin.

What is shaving gel?

An almost transparent shaving lubricant used to prevent stubble from drying out and make the shaving process easier. It provides a cushion between your razor and your skin to avoid scratches while shaving. Shaving gels create a transparent layer on your face which will help you to make facial designs.

Some important precondition you ought to bear in mind while shaving

Shaving razor

Use a sharp multi or single sharp bladed razor for shaving. A blunt blade will cause your razor bump and thus harm your skin.

Shaving lubricant & Aftershave

For a comfortable, safe and quick shaving it is a must. It will prevent stubble drying out and helps you to avoid nicks. Using aftershave lotion and gel will create an antibacterial layer on your skin.


Shaving is obviously a very sensitive task. You should stay in front of the mirror to see your face while shaving.

Difference between shaving foam and shaving gel

Shaving foam Shaving gel
1. Not good for dry and sensitive skin. 1. Suitable for the dry and sensitive skin.
2. Contains more alcohol which leads to dry your skin. 2. Contains less alcohol and more moisturizing.
3. Provides a thick ready-made lather. 3. You have to make the lather by rubbing it.
4. Doesn’t give a transparent lather. 4. Provides a transparent lather.
5. Not suitable for making hair style. 5. Helps to give a shape of facial hair style.

What are the advantages of using shaving gel?

Protects from nicks, cuts and burn

Shaving gels create a rich layer of the blade and your skin, enabling razor to glide over without harming your skin. It also contains some antibacterial chemicals that will protect your skin.

Moisturizes your skin

Shaving gels reduce the water evaporation while shaving and thus keep your stubble hydrated. It also softens the hair by hydrating them. It provides five times more moisturizers than normal soap water.

Creates a transparent lather

Shaving the same spot over and over again may irritate your skin. But it is hard to track the spot while using a shaving foam or cream. As shaving gels create a transparent lather, you will be able to track the razor has just passed away.

Suitable for all skin type

Shaving lubricant affects your skin, and all types of lubricants may be not suitable for you. But shaving gels are good for all types of skin. Especially if you have a sensitive and oily skin, you must have to use shaving gels while shaving. Especially, soap water and shaving foam may cause to feel burn after shaving because of the chemical used in them.

Helps to make stylish look

If you use shaving foam or another shaving lubricant rather than the shaving gels, you will be unable to detect the spot where the razor has just gone through. Thus, you will feel difficulties to make a stylish look. On the other hand, shaving gels create a rich transparent layer and help to shave only the spot of your skin which you want to.


In conclusion, we can say that shaving gel is best as a shaving lubricant.  It is good for skin and helps to make style. Again, it will keep your skin hydrated while shaving. So, I hope you will also choose a good shaving gel to have a comfortable shave.

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