How to choose a best kitchen sink

We can say that the kitchen is the heart of a home and kitchen sink is the value of the kitchen. Whatever we prepare for meals or after having meals, the kitchen sink is must have product.

Its use is more than anything for our household item. As it is being used more than any other household, then the best kitchen sink is mandatory for our kitchen.

However, the manufacturer produces variety range of kitchen sink. So, it is a tough job to find the right one. To find a good and quality kitchen sink we should look into some issue. Let me explain them;


Which material is used to make the sink is most important. You may find stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and Granite Composite sink.

Stainless steel sinks are durable and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is it is noisy and easily get dent and scratch.

On the other hand, the cast iron sink is very heavy but cost-effective.

Granite composite sinks are also very durable, easy to maintain and heat resistant. Outlook is awesome. Though it is easy to maintain but need to be careful while cleaning. Its surface is hard and a little bit higher price.

Ceramic sinks are available to get with various color. Maintaining process is easiest from all the above-mentioned sink and as well as durable. Both higher and cheaper version is available. The only disadvantage is its installation process.

You can choose material according to your needs and choice.


Sink size is a great factor. There is a varied range of size. Single bowls or multiple bowls, various shape and depths are available. You should choose the size according to your kitchen room and needs.

I’m mentioning here an ideal size regarding kitchen room size. For a 150 square feet room 22×24-inches (after installation its size will be 16×21-inches). The mentioned size is given by The National Kitchen & Bath Association.

However, for bigger room size you can use double or triple bowls. Just consider the room size and sink size according to the given size.


Other than the white color you will have to pay 15%-40% extra cost. So, choose wisely the color according to your kitchen color and price.

Number of holes: number of holes in the sink is between one to five. It depends on accessories you want to add to the sink. As for example, spray hose or soap dispenser you want to add, so, you should choose accordingly.

Mounting:  how you will install the sink is a fact. You can choose either upper mounting type or under mounting one.

Lighter sinks are basically upper mounting type. Also, easy to install. On the other hand, under mounting sinks takes a longer time to install. But under mounting one has an amazing outlook.


The most important part is the feature to take a close examination. Because other than outlook and installation process its usefulness is most important.

So, while buying a kitchen sink look into below options:

  1. For multi bowls sink look that bowls are close enough. So, you can easily use those bowls.
  2. Look closely ball, cartridge, and ceramic disk valves. Many of us have lots of sediment water. So, these will last less time than who have soft water. It is better to choose a quality product that lasts usually longer.
  3. Also, look for the extra feature that is helpful to use or have easy access.


I hope this guide will help you regarding choosing the best kitchen sink out on the market. Always try to find out the best one that fit for you.

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